Bobi Wine Resumes Presidential Campaigns, Heads To Namisindwa District

Bobi Wine Resumes Presidential Campaigns, Heads To Namisindwa District

By Mable Nakibuuka


The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential contender Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamy aka Bobi Wine has Wednesday morning headed to Namisindwa District as he resumes his campaigns after he suspended  them in Kalangala District last week, following his arrest and that of hundreds of his supporters on December 27, 2020.


Bobi Wine set off with a team of his supporters and private guards from his home in Magere, Gayaza, where he held a press briefing prior to setting off.

During the presser, a resolute Bobi Wine told his supporters that  no amount of torture, arrest  or intimidation shall stop them.

“They have arrested many of our supporters and journalists and denied them bail for no crimes committed. They are working towards turning our supporters against me, but what they are doing is exposing more of their evil acts,” Bobi Wine said.

He added that “No amount of arrest or torture shall stop us. They have killed many of our supporters but that will not stop us, because what we are doing is within the law.”

Bobi Wine also lambasted the Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama for choosing to remain silent while security apparatus are unleashing violence on him and his supporters.

“If what they are doing is right, why do they arrest and release me but keep my supporters in detention? Why don’t they arrest and detain me with my supporters? They are using me as a bait to net and torture my supporters in detention, to the  extent that on Monday court granted those in detention bail but the Uganda Prisons Services decided to keep them in jail.”


We shall bring you details about Bobi Wine’s campaign trail in Namisindwa and other districts as events unfold.

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