Bobi Wine Reveals Why He Abandoned Side-dish Sheilah Black As He Celebrates Anniversary With  Wife Barbie

Bobi Wine Reveals Why He Abandoned Side-dish Sheilah Black As He Celebrates Anniversary With Wife Barbie

By Ivan Mwine

The National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi  aka Bobi Wine, who was a musician until he was bitten by  the political bug, has  revealed why he abandoned his alleged side-dish Sheilah Black and her daughter.

Bobi Wine, a former presidential contender, revealed this in a very touching love missive he wrote to his wife Barbra Itungo aka Barbie, in which he revealed that he promised Barbie that she will never share him with any other woman.
Sheilah Black with her daughter

Bobi Wine’s love letter  to Barbie, which shared on his social media platforms reads inn part thus’

“Barbie Kyagulanyi

On this 16th day of February in 2002 at the National theatre, I whispered my first words into your ears.

I told you my story, my fears and my hopes and I asked you to trust me. You didn’t say no and you didn’t say yes, you just held my hand and took me for a walk.

Lovely couple: Barbie Kyagulanyi and hubby Bobi Wine

That day we walked holding hands along the Parliamentary Avenue as I escorted you to get a taxi to Nsambya. We have since walked hand in hand through my ghetto life, through the street fights, the nightclub brawls and also faced life threatening situations together but you have never let my hand go.

From girlfriend to bestfriend to wife and now to #ComradeHoney. Only God knows where we are going but one thing am sure of, where ever we’ll go, we’ll be together.

Dr Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare wrote that play ‘Lady, will you marry me?’ and cast me to act as President and you as the first lady but little did she know that was fulfilling a prophesy. As we acted on stage, deep inside I meant every single word in my lines. No wonder I brought out the character perfectly. It was a love affair conceived in art and born on stage.

It was not love at first sight, it grew and still growing.

Long story short, it is 20 years today and you are still my heartbeat. I promised that you will never have to share me and so far am still doing good on that.

A very happy anniversary to you my love.

It’s been one hell of a ride!

Happy anniversary.”

Sheilah Black’s daughter Shelby (L) and right is Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine’s confession explains why he decided to estrange himself from Sheilah, a Makerere University alumnus, who is said to have dropped a daughter for him some years back when he was still a musician.

It should be noted that despite the allegations, Bobi Wine has never comes out to publicly  deny or admit the rumours about Sheilah  and her kid only identified as Shelby.

This is how sexy Sheilah Black was at the time she was said to be involved with Bobi

Moles reveal that he instead talked it over with Barbie and reached an understanding that never at any one moment would he be involved with the Side-dish again.

Actually, at one time Barbie revealed during a media interview that she learnt about the rumours but decided to keep quiet, as a humble wife, and let Bobi Wine sort out his issues, but that that wouldn’t be cause for them to separate.

In essence, all she wanted from his was to keep his promise of never sharing her with any other woman.

However, it should be noted that although Sheilah is said to live in a rented  house  in Najjera with her daughter, she is not the only woman who has ever claimed to have a child with Bobi Wine.

Another UK based Ugandan woman identified as Safina Mubiru in 2015 claimed to have produced a son for him but he trashed her allegations and later took the boy for a DNA test which proved he wasn’t the biological father.

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