Boda Bodas, Public And Private Transport To Resume As The Country Goes Into Partial Lockdown

Boda Bodas, Public And Private Transport To Resume As The Country Goes Into Partial Lockdown

By Simon Abaho

President Museveni has on Friday, July 30 night announced the lifting of the 42-day Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda, with public transport and shopping centers all opened.

The government has partially opened the country from the lockdown of the second wave of coronavirus.

Addressing the nation from the State House, Museveni praised the country for “successfully” limiting the spread of the disease.

The President also maintained curfews measures but allowed BodaBodas to move—carrying one passenger at a time or cargo.

President Museveni while addressing the nation on coronavirus said that full opening up, a continuation of full lockdown and partial opening up were the options they considered.

The President encouraged traders to adapt to e-commerce.

“If we fully opened up, according to scientists, we would have about 5,000 cases per week, sending us into a third wave.”

President from the Consultations from the national Taskforce, the National Planning Authority (NPA) he decided that the best option would be a partial lockdown.

Due to that he revised the directives as follows;

  • Curfew is maintained from 7:00 pm to 5:30 am to avoid thuggery under cover of darkness. “Without curfew, there will be too much socialization in the night. With the curfew, they may sanitise (drink) in their homes.”
  • Boda bodas are allowed to carry one passenger or cargo up to 6:00 pm, maintaining SOPs.
  • Public transport will open effective Monday at strictly 50% capacity effective Monday 2nd, August 2021
  • Bars remain closed and security offices should arrest and charge bar owners who defy this directive.
  • Places of worship should remain closed and will be reviewed after 60 days.
  • Movement in and out of Entebbe Airport will remain open.
  • Cargo tracks allowed to move in and out of the country with turn boy and the driver with negative results.
  • Buses and taxis to operate with 50% passengers.
  • Comedians and musicians advised to perform virtually.
  • Bars remain closed. Restaurants should remain open. Saloons allowed to operate under strict observance of SOPs.
  • Saunas should remain closed. If you want one, do it in your house.
  • Shopping malls and arcades should be opened with dedicated entry and exit, SOPs should be maintained, and failure to comply will lead to closure.
  • Weddings and burials should maintain 20 people in number.
  • President Museveni: Virtual prayers should be maintained for 60 days.
  • Sports should continue without spectators. Outdoor sports activities are allowed with masks on. Gyms remain closed. Betting and casinos remain closed.
  • The boda boda associations are directed to maintain order, otherwise, the directive will be taken back to the earlier directive.
  • Kikuubo should remain a wholesale trading centre; traders should adopt to e-commerce

All the above have to observe the SOP’s if they are not followed the government may have to revoke the category that behaves contrary. We are doing this to avoid the country going into the third wave.

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