Bodybuilder Byekwaso Parades Fruits Of His Nocturnal Games

Bodybuilder Byekwaso Parades Fruits Of His Nocturnal Games

By Our Reporter

Looks like former Ugandan bodybuilder now German citizen Ivan Byekwaso couldn’t allow more ‘excuses’ of not mixing business with pleasure and has since tactfully turned his female Muzungu manager into the mother of his first born child, whom he paraded on social media over the weekend.

Moles reveal that Byekwaso has continued to seal his German citizenship by fathering a child with his Muzungu manager identified as Victoria Bechtold.
Ivan Byekwaso adoring his newborn baby

The couple has been blessed with a baby boy, something that has left the former Ugandan bodybuilder jubilating, telling all close friends that ‘not all can fail’.

It should be noted that before he changed citizenship, Byekwaso, who is also a former Mr. Uganda, had represented Uganda and won two gold medals in the World Weightlifting Championship and the Mr Universe competition, both in the USA.

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