Booty Queens: Socialites Whose Curves Are So Hot They Ooze Passion

Booty Queens: Socialites Whose Curves Are So Hot They Ooze Passion


By Mable Nakibuuka


This is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. When they say Uganda is a country gifted by nature, this is what they be talking about!

Babes, and not just any babes, but these are marvellously sculpted goddesses, you may call them angels if you like, but we say these are heavenly creatures on earth to keep men smiling all their entire lives.

One look at them is enough to make you forget all the troubles that the year 2020 brought unto us, without mentioning COVID-19 and the disastrous economic meltdown; believe it or not, if you have one of these lovely belles in your Muzigo, apartment or crib, even if it’s in the forest, you won’t want anyone to disturb you at all.

Bootylicious Haula Mayanja

In fact, all you need to do is sit back, relax behind your laptop, desktop computer or SmartPhone and switch on some soft music as enjoy these gifts of nature that drip with blessedness and ooze delicious passion!

And by the way, the big bonus is that most of these belles are very single and available, all you got to do in check them out on their Instagram and Twitter pages if you want to get personal with them!


Samantha Ainebyoona is gifted by Nature
Peace Ketra Asiimwe is very Self-contained
Even Shandie has the right curves in the right places
Model Tracy Kyasiimire is also curvilicious
Happy Kanwyanyi is not only beautiful but also Booty-Full
Zeinab Muneza is simply a goddess

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