Bootylicious Namulindwa Continues To Estrange Self From Lonely Hubby Ras B Ssali

Bootylicious Namulindwa Continues To Estrange Self From Lonely Hubby Ras B Ssali

By Ivan Mwine

Only God knows what is happening in the marital life of city events guru Godfrey Ssali who is popularly known as Ras B Ssali  and  his wife Gloria Namulindwa aka Lindwa.  

Our Moles reveal that as days go by, it becomes clearer than Namulindwa is no longer willing to share the same bed  with Ssali and as a result of that, she has decided to consistently estrange herself from him.
Gone are days when Ssali and Namulindwa would be this romantic

According to the Moles, for reasons best known to her, Namulidwa, who has two kids with Ssali, has been on a globe-trotting spree since last year.

Namulindwa, Moles reveal, spent the best of last year in Dubai, where she was merrymaking without fear or favour   to anyone.

Namulindwa enjoying life in Indonesia

From Dubai we are told she has since relocated to Indonesia, where she is chopping money at luxurious resorts beaches and Islands on the Indian Ocean.

But while she enjoys her merrymaking sprees, poor Ssali is back home in Uganda cleaning the house, plus cooking and washing their kids.

Namulindwa getting ready for a dip

In essence, Namulindwa has since turned Ssali into a wife of sorts at their home as she chops dime abroad.

But what’s not clear is the person sponsoring Namulindwa’s endless partying sprees in Dubai and other countries, yet she is not known to be transacting any straight-up business there.

Namulindwa flaunts her curves during a holiday in Dubai

Her biggest occupation nowadays is updating her followers on social media about her merrymaking sprees by sharing very tantalizing snapshots in which is seen enjoying all the luxury that money can offer.   

Ssali misses such romantic moments he used to enjoy with Namulindwa before she estranged herself

It should be noted that  Ssali, who some years back was working with UBC TV, has over  time  been a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry, growing from reggae artiste to an event’s manager and entrepreneur, although  nowadays loneliness seems to be his biggest problem.

Actually, pals intimate that he has since  resorted to long-distance biking and hiking in  a bid  to clear his head from the ever flooding thoughts about his estranged wife.

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