Winnie Nwagi  In Bitter Split With Swangz Avenue Bosses Mugumba & Kyazze

Winnie Nwagi In Bitter Split With Swangz Avenue Bosses Mugumba & Kyazze

By Ivan Mwine

There is a bitter row that is ranging on between celebrated musician Winnie Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi and her bosses at the Muyenga  based Swangz  Avenue label, Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze.

The latest coming in from our Moles is that Mugumbya and Kyazze suspended Nwagi and banned her from stepping at the music’s labels studio with talks of outing a new song, not until her suspension expires.

The Moles reveal that although the reason for her suspension is not exactly  clear, the suspension rotates around what Swangz Avenue bosses term as ‘gross indiscipline’ on her side’.  

Singer Irene Ntale quit Swangz Avenue after falling out with her then bosses

The said indiscipline, the Moles intimate stems from the fact  that the singer staged some concerts last  year without involving them as her bosses, among these being the shows she held in Europe towards the end of the year.  

According to Moles, it is not a coincident that Nwagi has not outed any new song in a very long time; it is because he was put on ‘Katebe’ by her bosses at Swangz Avenue and during that time she is not allowed to record any song or perform at any event without express permission from them basing on the contract she signed with the company.

It is  for that reason that Nwagi  is currently undergoing a music limbo of sorts, since her position in Uganda’s music  is taking a nose dive at rocket speed.

Winnie Nwagi is not on good terms with her Swangz Avenue bosses

It should be recalled however that Nwagi is not the first artiste signed under Swangz Avenue to be suspended, because her former counterpart Irene Ntale also suffered the same fate some years back after she failed to abide by the regulations of the company.

After pulling the rope with Mugumbya and Kyazze for a long time. Ntale later found it imperative to quit Swangz Avenue so she completely cut ties with them and decided to pursue a solo music career, a move she has never regretted.

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