Boozified TV Star Gashumba, Rickman Swap Saliva In Public

Boozified TV Star Gashumba, Rickman Swap Saliva In Public

By Ivan Mwine

The way TV star Sheila Gashumba is enjoying romantic moments with her new lover, singer Rickman Rick, has left many of her pals and fans praying that their relationship doesn’t end in tears,  the way it was with Marcus Ali aka God’s Plan.

This is because ever since the two hooked up, Gashumba and Rickman have been painting the entire world red with their passionate moments and they are not shy to romance anywhere they like, be it in a bar or at a hotel.
Rickman and lover Sheila Gashumba taking selfies

As if to prove to all and sundry that their love is a bed of roses, the couple was snapped over the weekend passionately swapping saliva as they enjoyed sipping Bell beer.

This is however not the first time that Gashumba is sharing with the world about the romantic moments she enjoys with Rickman because her social media platforms are plastered  with pictures of them together.

However, initially her Instagram and other social media platforms were  filled with photos of her with God’s Plan although when they separated she deleted them all.

But it should be noted that Gashumba is daughter of city moral activist Frank Gashumba and her pals wonder if he will accept this kind of behaviour.

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