Breaking: Two Bomb Explosions Rock Kampala, As Two Are Confirmed Dead At Parliamentary Avenue.

Breaking: Two Bomb Explosions Rock Kampala, As Two Are Confirmed Dead At Parliamentary Avenue.

By Simon Abaho

Two have been so far confirmed dead in the Two bomb explosions that have taken place in Kampala city.

Bomb explosion at Jubilee insurance

The First Bomb Explosion took place at the CPS Police offices in Kampala where we have seen photos of dead and injured people being carried away. They are suspected to be boda boda men who park near the police station.

The second bomb Explosion took place at Jubilee insurance, at Raja building where most of these Members of parliament sit for meetings. It’s said that the bomb exploded between jubilee insurance and the Ministry of ICT offices

Bomb squad operatives have started arriving and ambulances to evacuate some people that could have been injured by the explosion.

The first Bomb Explosion was at CPS , we can see bodies lying on the ground.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that scores of people could have died while many are said to be injured. Police is yet to confirm the actual number of the dead and injured.

An eye-witness from the parliamentary avenue area, pieces of body parts were scattered.

Some of the pictures seen of body parts scattered around the area.

Several ambulances were seen making their way to the explosion sites.

The CMI boss, Maj Gen Abel Kandiho rushed to the scene which has been cordoned off.

The Bomb explosion at CPS caused smoke covering all the skys around.

The twin explosions follow a series of blasts that have rocked Uganda in the last couple of weeks. President Museveni has previously blamed ADF for the attacks.

Pictures from the scene at CPS showing the situation around as police has cordoned off the area.

24 casualties are being treated by different hospitals as we speak now due to the bomb blasts today, traffic diversions have been mounted around town as police continues to do their work.

Pictures from around Jubilee Insurance where the parliament is situated too and where the second explosion took place from.

People have closed their shops and running back home to make sure they are safe from the explosions in town as they give police time and space to do more investigations.

We are still updating the story as we get more details from the Scene……..

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