Breaking: Urban TV Star Denzel Mwityeresi Arrested Over Child Neglected

Breaking: Urban TV Star Denzel Mwityeresi Arrested Over Child Neglected

By Ivan Mwine

They say you can run but you can’t hide! This has come to pass  for popular Urban TV  presenter Charles Denzel Mwityeresi, who was today arrested over child neglect.

Denzel, as he is popularly known, was Wednesday afternoon arraigned before the Chief Magistrates Court in Makindye, where he was accused by his baby mama only identified as  Fauzia, of neglecting a child he produced with her some time back.

Moles reveal Denzel, who earns Shs2.9M from Vision Group, in 2019 agreed that he would  give Shs500k each month  to Fauzia as child upkeep.

Denzel Mwityeresi with babes during his happy moments

However, along the way he completely abandoned his fatherly responsibilities and started dodging Fauzia every time she attempted to reach him.

After playing hide and seek for a long time, Fauzia decided to file a case of child neglect vide file number E.C.C No. 15 of 2018, which prompted court to issue a warrant of arrest against him.

We are told that after his arrest today, officials from Vision Group pleaded with the police and court officers to release Denzel on bail such that they can prevent the scandal from circulating in the media.

Meanwhile, we have also learnt that although he earns Shs2.9M. Denzel this month has no salary after he agreed with his employers to attach his salary to the loans he has with a top commercial bank in Uganda.

Watch this space for details about this breaking scandal!

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