Bruno K Breaks Down With News Of Rachel’s Family Wanting Custody Of His Baby Gal

Bruno K Breaks Down With News Of Rachel’s Family Wanting Custody Of His Baby Gal

By Simon Abaho

Days after burying Nasasira Rachael, we have been told that her family wants singer, Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K to return baby Briella to them and raise her.

When Bruno K impregnated Rachael, he was not ready to become a dad. Some how he abandoned her to the extent Rachael had to seek help from radio love doctors to convince Bruno K to talk to her.
The late Rachael seeking help from Capital FM late date

She battled to raise her child until she couldn’t handle due to sickness.

With Rachael bedridden, Bruno got a chance and took baby Briella. A relative by names of Mukyara Becky ranted on Facebook and revealed that Bruno K abandoned Rachael to die a painful death in a village hospital, refused to pick up her phone calls and snubbed pleas to take Briella to see her mum on sick bed.

Bruno K and baby Briella
Bruno K and baby Briella

Now the family of the late accuses Bruno of plotting to give out Briella to his ‘friend’ Faridah Nakazibwe.

It is reported that the elder brother to the late Racheal, Aaron wants to raise Briella, something Bruno is not buying.

A member from Rachael’s family told us they will meet this week to decide on the fate of of baby Briella. The family chose Uncle Aaron to be the guardian of Racheal’s daughter because of the closeness they had but Bruno is adamant to let them take the child.

We shall keep you updated with how the family and Bruno decide on the way forward

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