Bummy Urban TV  Star Nakitto Ballooned, Keeps Baby Daddy Top Secret

Bummy Urban TV Star Nakitto Ballooned, Keeps Baby Daddy Top Secret

By Ivan Mwine

Gorgeous Urban TV presenter Efrance Nakitto is reportedly counting down weeks before she drops a baby.

Nakitto, who co-hosts a program known as Rush Hour with Miles  has been off the screen for several months and many of her fans were wondering where she is until pictures of her with a bulging belly emerged.

Efrance Nakitto is single, according to her Facebook status

A mother of three, Nakitto is one of the hottest bootylicious slay queens in Uganda that have caused endless scrotal eruptions amongst several city dudes over time.

However, Moles reveal that Nakitto has lived a very elusive love life over the years, whereby very few of her pals know about her baby daddy or daddies, not even the one who ballooned her this time.

Sexy Efrance Nakitto before she got ballooned

This is because according to her Facebook status Nakitto is Single, meaning she is available for the taking, something that has left many of her fans wondering how a single person can get ballooned.

Gorgeous Nakitto flaunts her curves

Before she joined Urban TV, Nakitto, who contends that she is a staunch Savedee, was formerly working for LTV, a media house with a Pentecostal setting.

However, prior to joining LTV  Nakitto was one of Kampala’s renowned slay queens, whose love for binge partying  couldn’t be compared to any other.

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