Burial Program For Rotaract President Tashobya Unveiled

Burial Program For Rotaract President Tashobya Unveiled

By Ivan Mwine

The burial program for fallen Rotaract President Elect  Ronald Tashobya Becwarika has finally been unveiled.

Tashobya, who was the President Elect for the Kisaasi-Kyanja Rotaract Club, passed away last week after he and other rotarians got involved in a nasty accident that occurred in Nakuru, Kenya.  


According to close family members, Tashobya is to be buried tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th, 2022, although a requiem service is to be held today at Christ the King Church in Kampala, in honour of his soul.

We have since established that Tashobya’s burial will take place in Rukungiri, Kashozi route, opposite Nyakibale Hospital, starting at 10:00Am.

Tashobya was brother to Jennifer Mbabazi, who runs a popular Facebook page known a ‘Let’s Share Ideas (LSI).’

Sources close to the family reveal that Rotaract members from various parts of the country are doing all preparations to see Tashobya off and a mobile money number on +256774123218 has since been put up to receive any amount of money as support for the burial.

Ronald Tashobya Becwarika (RIEP)

Tash was born in Rukungiri to Chris Mugyenyi in July 1981. He was the firstborn of Chris Mugyenyi of the 10 children (5 brothers and five sisters) Oscar Becwarika, Susan Karungi, Barbra Mugenyi, Chris Becwarika Junior, Christian Becwarika, Doreen Agaba, Edgar Angumya, Nyamweha Bruce, Praise Becwarika and Joyce Owayesa.

His father worked for UNDP to reconstruct roads after the liberation war in Western Uganda.

He spent most of his formative years in a quiet suburb of Kabale called Mutabuka road. It was a very suppositive and vibrant community.

He rode bikes, played soccer, and played on the famous Mutabuka Road like any other kid.

He went to Kabale primary school (Demo) and joined Kigezi High School for his O-level.

At Kigezi High School, he was well known as a boy with many friends and always reading a novel.

He was by all accounts the most literate English writer of the best cohort/ class of 1998 (at least by o-level results) in the 100 years of Kigezi High School.

He once wrote a terrific composition that was so good that the teacher of English used it for the next exam for comprehension paper 2.

The ill-fated vehicle that Tashobya was traveling in with others before they got involved in the accident

Later on, he joined the Mbarara High school for his A-level, where he developed his English Literature and entirely took advantage of the newfound free down. As he used to say, Mbarara High school taught him to hustle.

He joined Makerere University, where he learned Mass Communication. He expanded his network of friends and social skills.

He joined the Uganda Telecom call centre department and grew quickly to a Sales Manager.

Although it was tempting to remain in the safety of a good job, he chose to ‘fire his job’ and start a cleaning company.

He later married a focused, hardworking, beautiful Mellissa Nyakwera Tashobya.

They were blessed with Kora Koyesiga Tashobya(10 )  and Zylen Kweza Becwarika (8). He loved his family (immediate and wider) very much.

He has been the chairman of Becwarika Foundation, used to bring all the family members together, and was President-Elect of the Kisaasi-Kyanja Rotary Club at  the time of his demise.


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