Bus Explosion Was Not Caused By Bomb-Gen.Muhoozi Tells Parliament

Bus Explosion Was Not Caused By Bomb-Gen.Muhoozi Tells Parliament

By Ivan Mwine
The police have revealed that the bus explosion that occurred in Kamengo, near Kampiringisa checkpoint, along Masaka Road, on Tuesday afternoon was not caused by a bomb but a mechanical fault.

The revelation was made by the State Minister for Internal Affairs Lt. Gen. David Muhoozi, who told Parliament that preliminary police investigations indicate that the bus caught fire after passengers had been evacuated.

Lt. Gen. David Muhoozi addressing Parliament

“We know that the bus developed a mechanical problem, driver stopped, passengers alighted but it got burnt. We shall ascertain whether it is related to the recent spate of bombs,” Gen. Muhoozi told Parliament.


A statement released by Faridah Nampiima, the Traffic Police Public Relations Officer, states thus;”

“A Gateway bus, registration number, UAU 926U, that was traveling from Kampala to Kabale, had a malfunction at Kampiringisa, along the Kampala-Masaka highway, that caused a fire from the rear wheels. The driver had been earlier warned about smoke from the rear but pulled over after the fire had spread. All the 37 passengers on board are safe and managed to exit the bus before it was entirely engulfed by the fire.
The actual cause of the malfunction will be communicated later.”

Passengers staring at the bus as it went up in flames

In a statement issued by Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, he revealed that so far the police and the Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce have, through their investigations managed to arrest several suspects and neutralised planned terrorist attacks.
Enanga’s statement is here below;


The Joint Counter Terror Tactical Teams carries out a string of operations, that led to the arrest of one wanted terror suspect linked to the ADF suicide squad and an assortment of exhibits recovered.  

The suspect, Muwonge Yusuf, was arrested from his hideout in Kalule, Bombo; the same area where we arrested Kanaabe, the second shooter during the attack on General Katumba.

CP Fred Enanga displays composite images of the suspected terrorists

During the operation two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were recovered from Ttula village and Kireka-Bbira respectively, and disrupted at the sites by the bomb experts.

A landlord identified as Umar Kaggwa, was arrested for harboring and aiding Muwonge Yusuf, a wanted terror suspect, and for concealment of a dangerous weapon. 

In addition, 3 suspects were arraigned in court, for terrorism, following their dangerous plot to carry out a suicide attack for the purpose of causing mass casualties, at the burial of the Late Lt. Gen. Paul Lokech. Their terror plot was foiled.

Composite Images of suspected terrorists that were released by Police

The greatest terrorism threat to our nation is posed by individual actors and small groups, who were radicalized domestically online. 

The suspects are inspired primarily by ADF, for the superiority of their religious beliefs, which is the primary source of their lethal attacks, on soft targets with easily accessible weapons or home-made explosives.  

They also have a specific desire to seek revenge and violent retribution for attacks against their agents, operatives and collaborators, as well as a willingness to become martyrs.

The operations conducted so far, have disrupted some of the real threats posed by the terrorists, who are determined on causing harm to Ugandans.  

The use of nails, ball bearings and shrapnel’s, are to penetrate the skin and organs in the human body.  

We believe the arrests made so far will help mitigate the threats posed to the public, especially those within the Greater Kampala area and its suburbs.  

We want to thank our task teams for their efforts and urge them to pursue all the remaining agents, collaborators and operatives, some of whom are in hiding.

We also want to share with the public, the composite photos which were drawn by our Forensic photo montage Expert, using basic descriptions given by eye witnesses, who provided the distinctive physical descriptions of the suspects. 

We kindly request anyone who recognises the physical details of the suspects to inform the police on telephone contacts 112/999 or 0800122291.  You are reminded that these are just composite photos and not the actual photos of the suspects.

Protecting Ugandans and visitors from criminal elements who plan to use deadly weapons is our top most priority.  

We continue to rely heavily on the popular intelligence and vigilance of the community, LCs, local governments, private and the public sector, business communities etc, and call upon them to remain vigilant and notify security agencies of any suspicious behavior or object.


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