Capt. Mukula,  Indian Ship Firm in Hot soup Over Death Of Chinese National

Capt. Mukula, Indian Ship Firm in Hot soup Over Death Of Chinese National

By Ivan Mwine
A Chinese widow, Wang Yong Yie, from the province of Jilin, China, is in the country to seek justice for her demised hubby Hi Zong Wu, who is said to have died due to alleged exploitation and human sacrifice.

According to Yie, her hubby Zong Wu formerly as an employee of Mahathi Infra Uganda limited, a local branch of Mahathi Infra India. 

The two firms are the owners of Mahathi Fuel Transport and storage deport project in Bugiri-Bukasa village in Kawuku Entebbe, Wakiso district.

Capt. Mike Mukula

It is reported that late Zong Wu was recruited by Mahathi Infra last year from Jilin Province , Yanji city, China, where he was an ordinary wood-cutting machine mechanic and was trafficked into Uganda in March 2020, disguising him as a tourist visiting Uganda for one month.

After being received by Mahathi Infra Uganda, his passport was confiscated, they overstayed his visa and he was forced into illegal employment.

The late, was forced to do welding and metal grinding work which he never trained for almost 18 months with no labour contract, no rights, no health insurance, no work permit and no sick leaves.

It is alleged that late Zong  Wu is suspected to have contracted a gangrene  disease. 

It is revealed that his illness was concealed and was neglected because company didn’t want to publicise his condition, knowing its  consequences on the health of Ugandans.

Zong Wu’s case is illegal because Mahathi Infra brought him in to work without work permits and until his death , thus hiding him from relevant authorities in Uganda.

The widow jetted into the country and has sought the legal services of flamboyant Legal Aid boss Isaac Ssemakadde, who has already prepared a suit to help her get  justice for her husband whose life was  cut short by the negligence of the company. 

Ssemakadde revealed at a press conference on Wednesday, held at Club Obligatto, that the late Zong Wu passed away in the hands of Mahathi Infra on 11 September, 2021 under unclear circumstances, so the  companies have to  compensate the widow for the loss of her husband who was the bread winner of the surviving dependents.

Ssemakadde intimated that the chairperson of this company in Uganda, Captain Mike Mukula, must account for problems of the company and has a case to answer. 

Apart from Mukula, counsel Semakadde is also dragging the chairman of Mahathi Infra Pvt limited India , Ravi Shankar to court for various cases that include human trafficking, forced labour, servitude.

Meanwhile , we have also learnt that Counsel Ssemakade demands that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi name is removed from the HMV Kabaka Mutebi ship that is being built by this same company, because it’s manipulation of the name of Kabaka and is likely to result into an image crisis.

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