Cat Fight: NBS TV Star Gashumba Clobbers Dude For Filming Her  At City Mall

Cat Fight: NBS TV Star Gashumba Clobbers Dude For Filming Her  At City Mall

By Ivan Mwine

Popular NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba on Tuesday exhibited her nasty side after she fought   a dude who was filming as she hanged out with pals at a famous city mall.

According to a video that has since gone viral, Gashumba, who is dressed on a mini-jumpsuit, is seen raining blows and slaps on a yet to be identified guy as she shouts insults at him.

As a visibly  angry Gashumba flies at the guy  to tear him into piece, policemen and other guys are seen intervening  to prevent imminent bloodshed.

Footage from the video shows cops and other people breaking the fight between TV star Sheilah Gashumba and the guy who was filming her

It is not yet clear what sparked the war between  the  NBS TV star and the guy she was tearing apart, although what is certain is that he was filming her without her consent.

Some Moles however reveal that  guy Gashumba was tearing apart had been reportedly hired by her ex-lover singer  Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick to film her with another, such that he could have evidence about her randy love lifestyle.

Rickaman and Gashumba’s relationship is no more

This is because, Moles reveal, Rickman had bumped into Gashumba at the Mall having a nice time with another yet to be identified dude but since he couldn’t do the filming himself, he hired the guy who however ended up receiving a though beating from her.

It should be noted that Rickman is no longer on good terms with Gashumba, who he had snatched from his former pal Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

The two reportedly parted ways after Rickman faulted Gashumba for juggling him with other men, among them Nigerian superstar Michael Olayinka Adebayo aka Ruger.

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