Celebrities Who Are Very Sexy But Can’t Find A Man To Settle Down With

Celebrities Who Are Very Sexy But Can’t Find A Man To Settle Down With

 By Mable Nakibuuka

God created man and thereafter created woman out of one of the man’s ribs, meaning that every woman is  a missing rib for a certain man.

But alas! Some women are lost ribs, because for decades, they have found no man to make them their ‘Missing Ribs’.

It is not that these babes are ugly, cursed, broke or have some jinx haunting them.

On the contrary, they are celebrities, have the money, hail from well-to-do families, are educated and can have everything they want in life, but the scarcest commodity in their lives is a man they can settle down with and perhaps live a normal life by starting up a family.

These are babes who party from January to December, Monday to Sunday with guys, but the only thing they can manage is a One Night Stand or a few days with him at the apartment and that’s it! No man can stay long enough with them to call it a relationship.

Tell them about marriage and they will run like they have seen someone dying of COVID-19 in front of their eyes!

Nonetheless, we salute them for braving cold nights on a daily but seeking satisfaction as and when they need it!


Socialite Sheila Parker is so single and lonely
Gorgeous Shivan Kyakuhire is still waiting for her Prince Charming
Singer Lydia Jazmine is so sexy but single
Zoe Omwisiiki is so lonely the only company she has is her dog
Jamie Namulema has everything a man would want in a woman but she is very single
Bambi this slay queen called Gillian is ka cute, but braves cold nights
Gorgeous as she is, Noreen Agnes is very miserable at night with no dude to warm her up
Merab Keinembazi is bootylicious and veyr beautiful but ask her for a hubby and she will scatter

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