Celebrity Wife Zuena  Celebrates 19 Years Of Love With Bebe Cool

Celebrity Wife Zuena Celebrates 19 Years Of Love With Bebe Cool


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

When Zuena Kirema started going out with musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, 43, many people didn’t approve of their relationship.

Back then, musicians with dreadlocks like the ‘Bamugambe’ singer were frowned upon by the majority of Ugandans.

Concerned observers and friends thought Zuena was a  beautiful girl who would do better then, than wasting her life with a young man they regarded as a ‘Muyaye’ (vagabond), who was going to leave her at some point.

The then young Zuena, fresh out the Miss Uganda contest and school, ignored the unsolicited advice went on to start a family with him.

Bebe Cool fixing Zuena’s dreadlocks

Since then the two lovebirds have been together despite the challenges that come with being in a long-term relationship and the limelight.

Although 19 years down the road a section of the public still sees Bebe as a talented artiste with a rebellious streak, to his wife, all that matters is the love they share.

While celebrating the 19 years they have been together the gorgeous mother of 5 posted a photo of her with Bebe  Cool at home gently touching her dreadlocks and captioned it with these sweet words;

“If I was  to choose again, I would choose you my love. Thank you for loving and taking  a good care of me Mr Ssali. If Mr good heart was a person, it would surely be you without a doubt. 19yrs it is my ❤ and the best part is the beautiful memory lane we have created. May Allah enable us to see our great grandchildren. I love you Mr Ssali and I will always do. Happy 19 anniversary Bebe Cool”.

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