Celebs Shower Winnie Nwagi With Love As She Celebrates 31st Birthday

Celebs Shower Winnie Nwagi With Love As She Celebrates 31st Birthday

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated bootylicious singer Winnie Nakanwagi, who is popularly known as Winnie Nwagi, turned 31 years old this week, which is a very memorable time in her life.

Despite the current COVID-19 lockdown however, a few female celebrities and fans couldn’t help sharing this special moment with her, so they decided to throw her a surprise birthday bash.

Winnie Nwagi with some of the celebs who attended the party

Our Moles who managed to get a whiff of the BD bash which was held at one of the city bars reveal that it was merrymaking all night long.

Some of the few female celebs who attended Nwagi’s BD bash include; Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah Karungi, Spice Diana, among others.

Bootyliicous Winnie Nwagi with Spice Diana

We are told that the private party, which was also co-sponsored by Nwagi’s bosses at Swangz Avenue, was characterized by champagnes and expensive wines which the guests sipped as they enjoyed nyama-choma and other snacks.

Well, we at ExposedUganda.com also wish bubbly Nwagi a very happy birthday and fruitful life.    

Nwagi, who has done collabo with several artistes, is popularly known her hit songs like; ‘Musawo’, ‘Maaso’, ‘Katono’, ‘Everything’, ‘Yitayo’, among others.

Winnie Nwagi gets frisky with Lydia Jazmine

Despite being 31 years however and nearing her menopause, Nwagi braves cold nights on a daily because she is not known to date any man, although she is a mother of one.    

She gained prominence after becoming the second runner-up in the second season of CocaCola Rated Next in 2014 and is best known for her hit song Musawo.

Winnie Nwagi with a male pal while at the party, left is her daughter

In April 2016, she performed with Afrigo Band in a live performance at club Guvnor’s Friday Night Live show.

Winnie Nwagi’s music career started when she became the second runner-up in 2014 during the second season of the music competitions CocaCola Rated Next, after which she was signed up by Swangz Avenue and since then she has never looked back.

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