Chameleone Buys Teargas Mask, But Rubber-band Watch Raises Eyebrows

Chameleone Buys Teargas Mask, But Rubber-band Watch Raises Eyebrows

By Mable Nakibuuka

Popular musician turned politicians Dr Jose Chameleone has purchased a teargas kit shortly after being teargassed by police as he tried to launch his campaign office along Balintuma Road in Kampala on Tuesday.

Chameleone, who is vying for the Kampala Lord Mayoral seat on National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket, suffered the shock of his life after he was teargassed together with his supporters and Leone Island crew members as he officially launched his campaign offices ahead of the 2021 elections.

So in a bid to protect himself from future teargas  attacks by police, we have learnt that Chameleone   has since bought a specialised face mask that can protect his eyes, nose and mouth from the poisonous gas incase the police attacks him or his supporters again.

Chameleone’s fans wondering about his Rubber Band watch

However,  although he bought a very expensive gas mask, many of Chameleone’s fans have been left wondering why he cannot afford a watch, after it appeared that he is currently holding his watch in place using a rubber-band.

This comes after Chameleone was pictured flashing a wrist watch whose straps he had fastened using a rubber-band, something that raised eyebrows among many voters, especially those who were becoming interested in his political ambitions.

Many of them were left wondering whether he is too broke to afford a new watch or take his old one for repair, especially because it is so unbecoming for someone contesting for the position Kampala Lord Mayor to appear so unkempt.

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