Chameleone, Wife Feud Over Sexy New Manager Bijou

Chameleone, Wife Feud Over Sexy New Manager Bijou

By Our Reporter

Word on the grapevine is that singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone is feuding with his US based wife Daniella Atim over his new sexy manager  Fortunate Bijou.

Moles intimate that the celebrity couple is battling  marital wrangles after Daniella learnt that Chameleone is too close with Bijou, something that she is not comfortable with.

The Moles reveal that ever since Chameleone hired Bijou to handle his bookings and music promotions after kicking out the likes of Mutima and group Daniella has never come to terms that while she is far away in America, the only person Chameleone has to directly interact with is Bijou.

Chameleone’s sexy new manager Fortunate Bijou

As a result, it is said that Bijou not only plays the role of music manager but has since also been promoted to the position of Personal Assistant (PA) to the  Leone Island  boss and her duties necessitate her to be in close contact with Chameleone, something that gives Daniella sleepless nights.

This is because, according to the Moles, Daniella has always wanted Chameleone to fire Bijou, arguing that ever since he hired her as manager his music career hit a nose dive and his bookings  reduced drastically.

However, it seems the more Daniella downplays Bijou’s talent is the more the add ‘Birungo’  or spices for Singer, to keep him satisfied with her services.

Jose Chameleone and Daniella during their happy times

Meanwhile, it is revealed that some members of Chameleone’s old management are also playing dirty tricks so that they can frustrate Bijou and her new management team.

It is said that they keep feeding some promoters with threats that they should be careful with their money while booking the singer or promoting his music because he has since joined opposition politics, which has discouraged many promoters from booking Chameleone for gigs or promoting his music.


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