Champagne Pappi Rots In Luzira Prison After Conning Hundreds Of Millions From Tycoon Ham

Champagne Pappi Rots In Luzira Prison After Conning Hundreds Of Millions From Tycoon Ham

By Ivan Mwine

We recently  revealed on this website that city socialite Honest Kavuma who is popularly known as Champagne Pappi had been caged at Luzira Prison after he allegedly failed to pay rent arrears at tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s Speke Apartments.

Well, the latest developments indicate  that Kavuma is not about to leave prison, because he has been acting dishonestly for a long time, whereby he has allegedly fleeced lots of money from many people.
Dis-Honest Kavuma aka Champagne Pappi at Luzira Prison

Among  Kavuma’s latest victims is city businessman Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham, whom he alleged conned of millions of shillings inn a botched deal.  

It is alleged that Kavuma fraudulently obtained money from Ham after he lied to him that he has connections to Bayern Munich football team in Germany and that he would  talk them into constructing a multibillion sports complex in  Uganda.

 It is said that Ham, who is finalising the construction of Nakivubo stadium, was planning to fly to Europe or Dubai  to purchase an artificial turf for the Nakivubo pitch when he was contacted by Kavuma who told him about the deal.

At the time Kavuma had reportedly named his training pitch in Munyonyo ‘Bayern’, which made it easy for Ham to believe in Kavuma.

The Bazungu men that Kavuma reportedly took to meet tycoon Ham (left)

Sources reveal that Kavuma assured Ham that he would contact Bayern Munich his behalf to seal the deal.

In order to hoodwink Ham into believing him, Kavuma hired two white men who masqueraded as officials from Bayern Munich and flew them into Uganda at Ham’s expense.

Kavuma’s two white accomplices were booked into 5star hotels in Kampala at Ham’s expense and Moles reveal that they lied to him that they had flown into Uganda via a private jet, so he had foot the bill too.

Champagne Pappi before he was jailed

However, days later Ham smelt a rat and decided to opt out of the deal but by the time he realized that he had already been conned by Kavuma and his accomplices.

Although Ham has since remained tight-lipped about the actual amount of money Kavuma and his accomplices had fleeced from him Moles reveal that he vowed to do everything possible to make him cough the dime and that was how he launched a hunt for the conman until he was arrested and swiftly remanded to Luzira prison.

It is said that shortly after receiving the dime, Kavuma flew to Dubai  where he went on a shopping spree for luxurious furniture for his crib in Munyonyo not knowing that he was wanted and on landing at Entebbe Airport he was immediately arrested and driven to court before being remanded. Meanwhile, it is alleged that besides Ham, Kavuma has had a history of fleecing money from unsuspecting people and that a few years ago he was deported from Finland over the same vice.

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