Chan Chan & Teslah Unveil New Love Ballad ‘On My Mind’

Chan Chan & Teslah Unveil New Love Ballad ‘On My Mind’

By Ivan Mwine

Chan Chan is a Kenyan RnB musician currently signed by Black Market Records.

He has incredible vocals! His belts are effortless and sound great.

Love songs are Chanchan’s bread and butter and On My Mind is one of his best. He has a pattern of writing songs that speak of Heartbreak.

Could it be something that happened in the past? Maybe. All we know is that the industry needs this kind of artist.

In this new video, he’s featuring one of your favourite artists Teslah, whom we know for her sensational vocals and expressions that one feel the music.

‘On My Mind’ is one of the songs off Chan Chan’s EP ‘Manifest’ which comprises four songs that are recommendable.

The song is about a couple who have feelings for each other but seem to be holding back on one another.

Directed by Vic West, Chan Chan and Teslah’s  freshest video ‘On My Mind’ premiered on YouTube via Black Market Records and is already distributing  on other digital streaming platforms.

The project is bound to easily circulate amongst RnB lovers in East Africa and beyond especially because it is themed on love, which is something that most people identify with.

The two have worked on a project together previously with Brandy Maina dubbed ‘Turn Me On’ and they haven’t brought the fire down since then.

Link To The Song: (On My Mind Official Video)

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