Chandiru Parades New Lover After Disastrous Marriage With Danish Pensioner Van Vliet

Chandiru Parades New Lover After Disastrous Marriage With Danish Pensioner Van Vliet

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan songbird Jackie Chandiru, who has been off the music radar for a long time after she suffered severe depression, is back in the limelight.

Word from our Moles is that Chandiru, who suffered a disastrous marriage with her ex-husband Nol Van Vliet, a Danish mogul, has since found herself a new man she can ably call the love of her life.
Jackie Chandiru with new lover

Moles reveal that after secretly dating the yet to be identified dude for some time,  Chandiru seems to have realized that their relationship is ripe for the public eye and she has since started plastering him all over her social media platforms.

However,  although it is  not yet clear whether she intends to settle down with him and start a family, what is evident is that Chandiru is without any doubt enjoying a love life like she had never enjoyed before.

Chandiru’s ex-hubby Nol Van Vliet with her and right, with his South Sudanese wife

A former member of the Blu3 singing group that included Cindy Sanyu and Lillian Mbabazi, Chandiru suffered severe stress between 2017 and 2018 after she discovered that her Mzungu hubby Van Vliet was a relentless womanizer and polygamist, who had several wives in various African countries, yet he had assured her that she was his only true love.

It is said that when she learnt that his polygamous life, Chandiru was so devastated by Van Vliet’s betrayal that she  resorted to drug abuse as a result of the depression she suffered.

Chandiru with former lover lawyer Caleb Alaka

Chandiru reached the extent of attempting suicide, only to be rescued by family and friends who booked her into a rehabilitation institution where she was rehabilitated until she recovered and regained her normal life.

However, prior to getting married to Van Vliet, Chandiru had been involved in another relationship with city lawyer Caleb Alaka, although this didn’t work out after his then wife Linda Namuli staged a vicious war that ended up into the two separating bitterly.

Well, now that Chandiru has found a new man we hope she finally  finds a peaceful  love life.

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