Chris Evans Hooks Up Tik Tok Comedian Brisher Kash After Being Dumped  By Actress Jamira

Chris Evans Hooks Up Tik Tok Comedian Brisher Kash After Being Dumped By Actress Jamira

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan musician Chris Evans is dating famous Tik Tok comedian Brisher Kash and the two are set to take their relationship  to another level in a few weeks’ time.

Word from our Moles is that Evans and Brisher have been enjoying themselves for several months to the extent that their relationship is already known to her mom.
Chris Evans enjoying a romantic moment with Brisher Kash

Actually, reports coming indicate that Brisher and Evans are planning to hold an introduction ceremony  (Kwanjula) later this year, during which she will unveil him to her family, relatives and friends as the man of her life.

Brisher became popular on Tik Tok and other social media platforms for sharing very comical skits which helped her build a huge following.

We hear ever since she hooked up with Evans the two spend lots of time together enjoying themselves and that he  is even very welcome at her parents’ home because they have since endorsed him as a viable son-in-law.

Chris Evans former lover Jamira Karungi

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Evans has not been known to publicly date any woman ever  since he was dumped by his baby mama Jamira Karungi, who hooked up with another man.

Evans was so devastated after he was dumped by Karungi, who is a movie actress acting in drama series ‘Zubair’,  to the extent that he suffered severe heartache.

Chris Evans with Brisher Kash and her mother

At the height of his heartache and loneliness, Evans tried his luck at love again by writing a lengthy love letter  to fellow singer  Zanie Brown but she turned down his advances, worsening his emotional problems.

Left with no choice, Moles reveal that Evans resigned to his loneliness and braved cold nights until he finally hooked up with Brisher and we hope it doesn’t end in tears for him.

Watch this space for details about Brisher and Karungi’s sex secrets in our next briefing.








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