Cindy Holds Secret Kwanjula With New Lover, Spills Ex-Hubby’s Dirty Secrets

Cindy Holds Secret Kwanjula With New Lover, Spills Ex-Hubby’s Dirty Secrets

By Ivan Mwine

Female dancehall start Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy over the weekend secretly introduced her new lover identified as Prynce Okuyo Atiku, whom she hooked up after splitting with former hubby Ken Muyisa.

According to Moles, Cindy and Okuyo held a low-key ceremony during which he visited her parents and a few of her relatives, to who she introduced him as the love of her life.

Okuyo and Cindy have been dating since 2019 when they hooked up after she reportedly hired him as her manager cum official photographer.

Cindy Sanyu with her new lover Prynce Okuyo Atiku

Before she met Okuyo however, Cindy endured a series of tumultuous relationships, having started with her Italian ex-lover Mario Brunetti, the father of her only child.

She however separated with Mario after accusing him of subjecting her to domestic violence and unfaithfulness.

In 2015  Cindy hooked up with former soccer  ace cum businessman Ken Muyisa, whom she had snatched from fellow singer Phina Mugerwa aka  Masanyalaze.

Cindy and Muyisa held a glamorous introduction ceremony in 2015 that was attended by several of their friends, although their relationship did not last long enough for them to bear fruits.

So it was not long before their once passionate love turned sour and soon they parted ways, which left her single and on Free Range status for a long time.

Cindy Sanyu with her ex-hubby Ken Muyisa

She no longer has any kind words for her ex-lover since their separation and while commenting about her relationship with Muyisa recently, Cindy spilled some of his dirty secrets by saying thus;

“I dated this guy once. I can’t tell you his name because his reputation is at stake. So I dated this guy and he had a very weird habit that I got to know when we moved in together.

And his habit was peeing on the sink. We had a very nice house that we were living in with a precious bathroom. But he would wake up late in the night and pee on the sink.

So I started wondering whether it was a common thing among men. If this is common please tell me.”

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