Cindy’s Twitter Account Blocked Over Hate Speech Against Nigerians

Cindy’s Twitter Account Blocked Over Hate Speech Against Nigerians


By Mable Nakibuuka

Songbird Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy is suffering the backlash of her negative comments about Nigerian musicians and as you read this, her Twitter account has since been blocked by Google and the owners of the social media App.

Trouble for Cindy, according to our Moles, started after she made utterances both on social media and a local Uganda radio station which are deemed to be abetting and promoting hate speech.

Cindy, who was commenting about Nigerian artiste Oma Lay and others who had been arrested for staging a concert despite the COVID-19 ban on such events, shocked the country and entire continent when she said among other things that Nigerian artistes are popular all over the world because they use witchcraft, which they practice in gangs and that each witchcraft gang promotes artistes who are their members to stardom.

Cindy Sanyu post on Instagram about the Nigerian artistes

The singer was speaking during an interview on Galaxy FM when she made the utterances that didn’t amuse many Nigerians.

She had earlier on written on Instagram  that; “Nobody has the right to come to my country and encourage the spread of corona no matter who you think you are. People are dying every day and if you have any respect for human life you will stay home or sanitize and wear a mask in a crowded place. May all your curses and evil spells return to you in Jesus name Amen.”

But her position angered many Nigerians who have since reported her social media accounts as propagating hate speech, hence the blockage.

One of the angry Nigerians tweeted this about Cindy

However, our efforts to secure a comment from Cindy about this matter were futile since her phones went unanswered despite several calls from our reporter.

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