City Hajji Pumps Dime In  TV Star Nakazibwe, Buys Her Swanky New Ride

City Hajji Pumps Dime In TV Star Nakazibwe, Buys Her Swanky New Ride

By Ivan Mwine

If there is someone who is not cursing the COVID-19 lockdown then it is popular NTV star Faridah Nakazibwe,  who hosts the Mwasuze Mutya program.

Word from our Moles has it that Nakazibwe is literally on Cloud 9 because she recently acquired a swanky ride courtesy of a very close friend of hers, who is a loaded Hajji in the city.

Moles intimate that Nakazibwe met the said Hajji early last year and that he has been hovering around her for long time, seeking to have her undivided attention although he is yet to succeed.

Faridah Nakzibwe in a supermarket

Now we hear the wealthy Hajji, whom we shall not mention here because of his status in the country, has since taken it upon himself to see to it that Nakazibwe is well facilitated and in a position to ccater for her two daughters without having to rely on her TV job salary.

As one of the ways to make life easier for her, Moles intimate that the Hajji has since extended the gorgeous TV star enough facilitation to the extent that she managed to ditch her old car and hooked herself a Lexus in UB series.

 Moles reveal that she is these days spotted cruising around town with her head high, thanking Allah for answering her prayers, because things like rent, water, Yaka and other bills are already sorted, so she spends most of her time shopping or at salons.

Nakazibwe spends a lot of time in supermarkets

 Dazzling Nakazibwe has been living single for a long time after she developed irreconcilable differences with her ex-lover Dr Omar Ssali, with whom she got married in 2016.

Nakazibwe and Ssali met shortly after she had parted ways with city business Hajji Moses Kigongo, who had reportedly injected a lot of dime into her lifestyle.

Faridah Nakazibwe inset is Hajji M oses Kigongo (above) and Dr Omar Ssali

After passionately enjoying themselves for a few months, she flew to the United Arab Emirates where they held a secret wedding, fearing that the ceremony would have been interrupted had they held it in Uganda.

Nakazibwe looking so gorgeous

But her marriage with Ssali didn’t work out  after they developed marital woes that were sparked off by Nakazibwe’s nemesis Justine Nameere, which fueled their eventual separation and forced the TV star to delete all his pictures from her social media platforms.

Since then Nakazibwe has not been publicly known to be emotionally involved with any man, although  she is one of Kampala’s renowned Sengas ( love/relationship) experts.   

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