Comedian Ann Kansiime Releases Father’s Burial Program

Comedian Ann Kansiime Releases Father’s Burial Program

By Simon Abaho

Comedian Anne Kansiime and her younger sister Shine Nyonyozi alias Shine Omukiga are inconsolable after the tragic demise of their father. 

Chris Kubiryaba, a father to Kansiime sadly passed away on Thursday, months after their mother passed on. The news about his passing was first reported on social media by Kansiime’s fellow comedian Teacher Mpamire.

Kansiime has now confirmed the news, lightly joking that her father could not stand the long distance relationship with her mother (who passed on months ago).

“Long distance relationships are really difficult. My dad has gone to be with mom. Rest in peace daddy. Still Good above everything,” Kansiime wrote on Facebook.

The comedian’s sister, Shine Omukiga has also mourned through her Facebook account.

“Rest in peace, my father and friend. I will miss you so so much Mzee. Send my love to mom,” She wrote briefly.

 A few months ago, Kansiime revealed that she lost some relations where her lovers thought she was cheating after realizing that she had a number in her phone saved as “lollipop” in her phone.

“Well, I call my father lollipop. I have always done that since I owned my first phone 17 years ago, something that cost me a few redundant relationships growing up with sons of women assuming I was cheating on them whenever my dad would give me his daily routine evening calls to check on me,” She confessed.

RIP Chris Kubiryaba!

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