Comedian Eric Omondi’s Ex-Lover Chantal Hooks Half-caste  Dude

Comedian Eric Omondi’s Ex-Lover Chantal Hooks Half-caste  Dude


By Nellie Nakitende

While Eric Omondi is busy handling his ‘wives’ on social media, his ex-lover Chantal Grazioli is currently having the time of her life with her half-caste boyfriend as seen in a video she shared during the festive season.

Well, it turns out that her silence is a result of the low-key boyfriend she recently outed in a video in which she is seen holding onto him as they swim in a swimming pool.

Chantal Grazioli with her new boyfriend

Judging from the guy’s hair we can confirm that he is no different from his lovely lady who also happens to be a mixed breed.

Although she has not really mentioned that this is the guy she is currently dating, it’s obvious that they are a passionate item, judging from their body language.

Having parted ways with comedian Omondi about one year ago, the former couple is clearly onto new beginnings as they both seem to have hooked new partners.

However, unlike Chantal who has so far introduced one guy, Omondi on the other hand has been making use of his ‘wife material’ to have fun with single ladies…and truth is, he is really enjoying the new life.

So far, word has it that teenage socialite Shakilla is pregnant with his second child; while Bandbeca’s ‘Carol’ is said to be the main shareholder when it comes to the comedian’s heart and Big Cassava.

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