Comedian Muhangi Furious Over Baby Mama Prim & Rickman’s ‘Bell Lager Romance’ Photos

Comedian Muhangi Furious Over Baby Mama Prim & Rickman’s ‘Bell Lager Romance’ Photos

By Ivan Mwine

City comedian Alex Muhangi  has no kind words for his baby mama Primrose Asiimwe and Sheilah Gashumba’s lover singer Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick.

Apparently, Muhangi is no longer on  terms with  Prim, whom pals say he accuses of endlessly frolicking with several dudes, the latest being Rickman.
Alex Muhangi and Prim Asiimwe during their heydays

For the past few days, Rickman and Prim, an employee of Galaxy FM, have been a point of discussion on social media, because of what appears to be a burning romance between them.

Photos in which Rickman appears to be  proposing to Prim have been doing rounds on social media for  the past few days, attracting a lot of unanswered questions from both their fans.

Check how Sheilah Gashumba tight-marks Rickmanrick from Prim Asiimwe

Although sources reveal that the said photos were taken for a Bell Lager commercial that features Prim and Rickman, her baby daddy Muhangi is so furious and has since taken his anger to social media.

Muhangi, who  seems not to be in a comical mood, resorted to comical satire by posting one  of the said photos on his social media platforms with the caption;

‘These are the pictures we shall use when negotiating dowry in Hoima. #Uncle Akankwasa.”

This has left many of Muhangi fans on  social media wondering what exactly he meant by that statement, although it makes it clear that things are not good between them.

Moses Muhangi with Prim Asiimwe (R) and a pal at a function few days ago

It should be recalled that a few days back we revealed how Prim was too tight for comfort with Moses Muhangi, the Uganda Boxing Federation president.

However, after we exposed their rendezvous Moles reveal that Muhangi has since distanced himself from Prim following the scandal that the story sparked off.

Watch this space for details!

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