Comedians Muhangi, Ssebanga Cited In Sam Okanya’s ‘Kidnap’ Woes

Comedians Muhangi, Ssebanga Cited In Sam Okanya’s ‘Kidnap’ Woes

By Mable Nakibuuka


City comedians Alex Muhangi and a one Senga Ssebanga have been cited in the alleged disappearance   budding comedian Sam Okanya, who is a People Power supporter.

Okanya is currently admitted at a health facility in Kyanja trading centre, where he is said to be bleeding and oozing pus from his private parts, on top of   nursing several  wounds during the said kidnap.

However, our Moles reveal that although the police came out and issued a statement indicating that Okanya had kidnapped himself, insiders reveal that his troubles are deeply rooted in the his fights with Muhangi and Senga Ssebanga.

Moles reveal that Okanya’s troubles stem from the fact that he refused to work with Muhangi and  Ssebanga’s group called The Uganda Comedians Association (TUCA).

Sam Okanya before he was attacked

In essence, Muhangi and Ssebanga are allegedly punishing  Okanya for having refused to register and work with their association of comedians.

It is not surprising therefore that when Okanya disappeared, it is alleged that Muhangi and Ssebanga were allegedly some of the first people to confirm and spread word that the comedian had actually kidnapped himself in order to hoodwink people and demand for money.

Sources also reveal that shortly after resurfacing,  Okanya received a message reportedly informing him that he will not have peace unless he apologizes to Muhangi.

However, while speaking to the media on Friday, Okanya said that “I cannot apologise to Muhangi. Who is he to make me apologize? Is he God or Robert Kyagulanyi? What wrong did I commit to make me apologize to Muhangi? He is working with Ssebanga to mistreat me because I refused to work with them.”

He added that; “If they say I kidnapped myself; after that I cut off my hair and even viciously assaulted myself? Whoever said I kidnapped myself should come and take me to any hospital for medical examination and get to know the truth.”

Our Moles tried to contact Muhangi, who heads The Uganda Association of Comedians (TUCA) for a comment about this matter but his phones weren’t available at the moment. We shall bring you his side of the story as soon as we get him.

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