Comedienne Martha Kay In Tears After Thugs ‘Steal’ Her Range Rover

Comedienne Martha Kay In Tears After Thugs ‘Steal’ Her Range Rover

By Ivan Mwine

Popular city comedienne Martha Kagimba alias Martha Kay is shedding buckets of tears after yet to be identified thugs stole her prized new Range Rover.

We recently revealed how Martha Kay, who is also scribe working with Next Radio, had raised eyebrows after she acquired a new Range Rover in UBH …..  series.

Well, the latest is that the vehicle was stolen on Sunday, leaving Martha with no choice but to resort back to Uber and Safe Boda like was the case before  she hooked the Range Rover.

Martha Kay shared the unfortunate news of her Range Rover being stolen when she tweeted thus;

“The last few hours have been like a horrible nightmare!!!! My new car was stolen last night.

I’ve only had my Range Rover for 2 weeks!!

2 weeks, guys!!!

As in!!!!

I don’t even know where to start from! I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so confused”

Well, her message has since attracted lots of varying comments from followers, with many of them wondering whether the vehicle was actually stolen or simply repossessed by the owner, who is most likely to be a Blesser.

Anyways, we hop Martha managed to report the matter to police such that they can follow up, although she didn’t divulge details about how the car was stolen and from where.

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