Copycat: Chris Evans In Hot Soup Over Copyright Theft

Copycat: Chris Evans In Hot Soup Over Copyright Theft


By  Mable Nakibuuka


Forever upcoming singer Chris Kaweesi aka Chris Evans has landed in trouble over allegations of plagiarizing a song that was originally done by Chris Lwanga alias Chris L, one of Uganda’s most talented budding artistes.

According to our Moles, trouble for Chris Evans started a few days ago when he released a new song titled ‘Sikunenya’ which he is currently promoting together with his marketing team.

However, the same song was recorded using video footage that had earlier on been used by Chris L when he was recording his song titled ‘Likola’, which he released in December 2019.

Now the current impasse has arisen after Chris Evans also released a song recently in which he used the exact footage that Chris L used in his song, something that has left fans of both musicians confused about who copied who.

However, Chris L insists that he willingly paid a one Zyga Pix, a renowned city videographer to record footage for his video ‘Likola’, but was recently shocked to see Chris Evans’ song playing on one of the local TV stations with the same footage as the one in his song.

Our Moles reveal that Chris L has since raised dust and threatened to drag both Chris Evans and producer Zyga Pix to court such they can explain how there are two songs currently on the market that bear the same footage, which is tantamount to plagiarism.

It should be noted that a few months ago President  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni signed the Copyright Act into law,  which  entitles all artistes with original compositions and pieces of art to loyalties in case they are used, reproduced or copied by anyone who has no copyrights for intellectual property to the same.

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