Court Orders Production Of Jailed Lawyer Mabirizi From Kitalya Prison

Court Orders Production Of Jailed Lawyer Mabirizi From Kitalya Prison

By Our Reporter

The Court of Appeal sitting in Kampala has issued a production warrant for city lawyer Male Mabirizi from Kitalya Mini-Max prison, where he was taken this week to serve an 18 months jail sentence.

Mabirizi was jailed after he was convicted by High Court Justice Musa Ssekaana for contempt of court, who also ordered him to pay a fine of Shs300m.
Production Warrant for Male Mabirizi

However, prior to  being jailed, Mabirizi had filed an appeal against Justice Sekaana’s ruling vide Civil Application No. 40 of 2022, arising out of Civil Application No. 39 of 2022, which arose out of High court Misc. Application No. 843 that arose out of High Court Misc. Cause  No. 287 of 2021.

Since Mabirizi’s incarceration, his lawyers led  by Isaac Ssemakadde have been frantically doing everything to see that he gets released.

Isaac Ssemakadde’s petition about Susan Kanyange and Jameson Karemani’s interference in the matter

To that effect, they have since secured a Production Warrant for Mabirizi which indicates that he is supposed to be produced in court for hearing of his appeal.

The Production Warrant issued by Registrar Susan Kanyange, which is addressed to the Officer-in-Charge, Uganda Government Prison, Kitalya Mini-Max Prison, reads in part thus;

“You are hereby commanded to produce MALE H. MABIRIZI K. KIWANUKA on the 25th day of February 2022 at 11:30Am for ruling.

Given under my hand and seal of this Honourable Court this 24th day of February 2022.”

Meanwhile, the Production Warrant comes a few hours after Ssemakadde petitioned Court of Appeal presiding Justice Hon. Mr. Justice Christopher Izama Madrama, complaining about the continued interference of Kanyange and the Judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani over what he termed as ‘Unjustified interference by the Registrar and Judiciary PRO in Civil Application N0. 40 of 2022 Male H. Mabirizi K. Kiwanuka Versus Attorney General.’

In his petition, Ssemakade alleges that Kanyange and Karemani have secretly worked to undermine, vary or reverse the Orders and/or directives of the Court, to the Prejudice of the Applicant (Mabirizi) and in a manner deleterious to the proper administration of justice.

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