Court Rejects Lawyer Mabirizi’s Appeal, Sends Him Back To Kitalya Prison

Court Rejects Lawyer Mabirizi’s Appeal, Sends Him Back To Kitalya Prison

By Ivan Mwine

The Court of Appeal has rejected lawyer Male Kiwanuka Mabirizi’s appeal against Justice Musa Sekaana’s 18-month jail sentence, on grounds that his appeal doesn’t categorically state that he appealed against the sentence.

Mabirizi appeared today in court before Justice Christopher Izama Madrama for the hearing of his appeal Civil Application No.40 of 2022, after he sought an order to pursue his appeal cases through his lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde.
Male Mabirizi with his lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde in court

However, Justice Madrama ruled that Mabirizi did not make any appeal against his 18-month sentence but rather appealed against the Shs300m fine.

Justice Madrama thus dropped the Shs300M fine but upheld the jail sentence reasoning that Mabirizi should file a fresh appeal clearly indicating that he is appealing against the same.

Meanwhile, we have since established that after consultations with his client (Mabirizi), Counsel Ssemakadde has since resorted to filing another appeal, clearly indicating that the appeal is against Justice Sekaana’s 18-month jail sentence.

Some of Mabirizi’s relatives and friends who attended the court hearing

Following Justice Madrama’s ruling, Mabirizi was swiftly driven back to Kitalya prison under tight security.

Our Reporter reveals that after the Court of Appeal hearing, Mabirizi’s other lawyer Ronald Iduli, of Ojok & Co. Advocates, appeared before Justice Sekaana  for hearing of the recusal application Mabirizi filed against him.

Mabirizi pays attention during the hearing

It should be noted that Mabirizi dragged Justice Ssekaana to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), saying the judge should be removed from office on three grounds: misconduct, incompetence, and practicing as a lawyer after he had been appointed a judge in 2017.

He also applied to the High Court Civil Division to compel Sekaana to recuse himself from the cases that he (Mabirizi) filed.

After a tedious interaction between them Justice Sekaana and Counsel Iduli, he (Sekaana) finally accepted to recuse himself from Mabirizi’s cases.

Following Sekaana’s recusal, Mabirizi’s cases have since been sent to the registry such that they can be assigned another judge.

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