Daddy Andre In Fresh Trouble, Faces Arrest For Conning UK Promoter Using Nina Roz’s Name

Daddy Andre In Fresh Trouble, Faces Arrest For Conning UK Promoter Using Nina Roz’s Name

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan musician cum producer Daddy Andre, real name Andrew Ojambo, is a man who music career is marred with controversy and scandal.

Daddy Andre, who is known for songs like ‘Kola’, ‘Nguwayo’, ‘Wendi’ and others, is in the news this week for bad reasons and unless he reforms and repents, the man seems to be headed for a troubled future.

He   is being accused by his former lover singer Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz of allegedly stealing her Mark X car worth Shs21M, accusations he denies.

But as you read this, Andre is being hunted by events promoters in London, who he allegedly conned money worth Shs1.9m early this year.

A copy of Daddy Andre’s passport

According to credible sources, on February 14th, 2022, Andre received Shs1.9M from the proprietors of  Mama Africa Restaurant,  UK, as commitment fee to perform at an event in London which was slated to happen on Saturday July 11th, 2022 .

He acknowledged receipt of the money by issuing  a receipt  from his company  known as ‘Andre On The Beat’ to the  organisers of the event and assured them that he would travel to London in time for  the  event.

It is said that in order to bargain for more money,  he also assured the event organisers that he would be traveling to London with fellow Nina Roz  with whom he would perform.

To assure the event organisers of his seriousness, he submitted copies of his and Nina’s passports, such that they could process travel documents for them.

He even went ahead and designed posters indicating that he would perform with Nina Roz at the said event.

However, despite having taken the money, Andre later turned around and told the organisers that he will not travel to London to perform at the event, although he didn’t give reasons why and even refused to refund the money.

The copy of Nina Roz’s passport which he submitted

The event organisers got even more shocked when they contacted Nina Roz to ask her about whether she was to perform and all she told them was that she had never entered into an agreement with either them or Andre to perform at any event in London.

Moles reveal Nina also assured them that she had not received any money from Andre for   a show in London, before referring them back to him.

But efforts by the event organisers to get in touch with Andre have since proved futile since he ignores their phone calls and messages, reason why they are not contemplating to hand over the matter to their lawyers such that the law can take its course.

It should be noted however, that Andre has history of diddling events organisers by receiving money from them and not performing at events he is hired to perform at.

The receipt Daddy Andre issued to acknowledge receipt of the money

According to Moles, one of  the city businessmen who has no kind  words for Andre is mogul Richard Kabonero.

It is said Kabonero  and his friends some time back booked Andre to perform at a private party  they had organised in Mombasa, Kenya, but despite having pocketed the commitment fee, he later turned around and refused to fulfill his part of the bargain.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Andre.

So, watch this space for Andre’s long litany of sins, which our Moles are compiling and will unleash soon!

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