Daddy Andre Saved Me From Drug Addiction – Nina Roz Speaks Out

Daddy Andre Saved Me From Drug Addiction – Nina Roz Speaks Out

By Mable Nakibuuka

Songbird Nina Kankunda, famously known as Nina Roz, has finally opened up about her battle with drug addiction and revealed that if it wasn’t for her husband Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, she would be a junkie by now.

Nina, who was initially with Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS) before she quit to go solo, officially legalised her romping with Daddy Andre after they held a ‘Kukyala’ (introduction) ceremony last year.

However, she is so grateful to him for having come into her life because since then, she has reformed and managed to fight the drug addiction.

“I thank Daddy Andre so much because he saved me from drugs,” Nina, said during a radio interview.

She added that “Ever since Daddy Andre came into my life everything changed for the better. He helped me to fight drugs and that is why I’m so grateful to him.”

Nina, who was speaking so cherishingly of Daddy Andre, revealed that she is so grateful that he came into her life because he has changed it for the better.

Nina revealed that she has since become an advocate to fight against drug addiction.

She noted that; “I lived in silence for a long time but after becoming courageous I decided to come out and speak against drugs, so as to encourage other artists out there who are battling drug problems to make the same decision like I did. But I would not have done this without Andre. He overcame drugs himself and helped  me to change too and for that, I shall forever be grateful.”

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