Dark Secrets Behind Beef Between Jeff Kiwa, Pinky Emerge

Dark Secrets Behind Beef Between Jeff Kiwa, Pinky Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

Social media is awash with legendary artist manager cum promoter Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa falling out with his latest recruit, singer Pinky Rahma.

Well, although word on the grapevine is that Jeff fired Pinky from his Team No Sleep (TNS) music label over indiscipline and smoking shisha, the actual beef between them stems from some other reasons.


According to Moles, Jeff fell out  with Pinky after he learnt that she was going to church with Ugandan diva Nina Roz, with whom she did a popular collabo dubbed ‘Tukimala’.

The Moles intimate that  when  Jeff learnt that Pinky had started going to pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church he got so annoyed and ordered her never to step there again but she stubbornly refused, something that sparked off the bad blood between.

It is said that Jeff, who for some reasons is allergic to churches, didn’t  stop at expressing his anger for Pinky at her, but also involved her mother, who he allegedly blasted for misleading her daughter (Pinky) by allowing her to go to church.

It is not clear why Jeff doesn’t want Pinky to go to church and why he is so against people who go to churches but what is clear is that unless Pinky abandons her passion for praying and going to church, she is not about to return to his good books.

It should be recalled that Jeff recruited Pinky to Team No Sleep late last year after his longtime musician Sheebah Karungi quit his label, citing exploitation.

Since recruiting her Jeff has been investing lots of money in Pinky’s career, especially through paying  several big-name artists to do collabos with her, in a bid to uplift her brand.

However, the fate of her music career is uncertain now that Jeff has since fired her from TNS and she is currently hunting around for a new manager.    



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