December Queens: Juicy Babes Who’ll Make You Smile Till End Of Year

December Queens: Juicy Babes Who’ll Make You Smile Till End Of Year

By Mable Nakibuuka


We know that this year has been a very stressful one, but thank God it is finally coming to an end!

Dear son of man, you have trudged through thick and thin, overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Kayasi’ which came as a result of the economic recess, the loans, etc and after overcoming all this, you have all reason to smile.

Believe  it or not, nothing can put a huge, jaw-dropping smile like  the sight of a very spicy,  bootylicious and dazzling belle.

Gorgeous Happy Kanwyanyi is a beauty to celebrate

It is for that reason that we unveil for you the sexiest babes of December, the ones that will ensure you end the year in style if you happen to come across or link up with one of them.

These are lovely gifts from Mother Nature who will make you forget everything that has been troubling make it a point that you enjoy endless heavenly feasts on earth during this festive season and thereafter.

This black beauty is a real December Queen

By the way most of these babes were born in December so if you’re a sharp dude, you might start by asking anyone of them when their birthday is, such that you can promise them cake. Check them out on Twitter!

Zenah is one of those angelic December Queens
Attractive Sharon aka Shan
Ankole Boo is another December Hottie
Nina Mona is a beauty to reckon with
Racheal Natukunda will make your dreams come true


Niwa is simply a dazzling angel
Shalyla Kimulie is as succulent as Black berries
Tracy Ampeire aka Omusheshe is a goddess you will worship willingly
Sheba Ganyana is simply delicious

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