Deputy Speaker Among: ‘I’m Ready To Shame MPs Who Are Sperm Donors- They Produce & Neglect Kids’

Deputy Speaker Among: ‘I’m Ready To Shame MPs Who Are Sperm Donors- They Produce & Neglect Kids’

By Ivan Mwine
The deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among has threatened to name and shame callous Members of Parliament who who go around producing children but later abandon them and their mothers.

Among revealed this on Wednesday while charing the House when she said that instead of attending to Parliamentary business, most of the time she is counselling women who go to her office with kids neglected by some legislators.

“I am tired of counselling women who come here complaining about MPs who have failed to take care of children they sire, and if MPs don’t want to believe this, I will start naming the culprits,” Among told Parliament.

Although she didn’t divulge details, the matter is so serious that even the Director of Information and Publicity at the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretariat, Emmanuel Dombo, picked keen interest in the same and raised concern by referring to such shameless MPs as ”Sperm Donors.’

Dombo said on twitter; “Some males animals are sperm donors and others are fathers. I don’t know in what category some of these MPs are!”

He added that; “Besides that, the only way to relieve madam speaker is by raising the age for MPs to 65 to qualify when their potency is diminished!”

Nalujja Joselyn Kuteesa, one of concerned Ugandans said; “If you can’t take care of kids don’t ejaculate in someone’s dota if u want to ejaculate without kids in the picture do vasectomy. MPS temututama u can do better.”

It should be recalled that former Busiro South MP Peter Ssematimba was in June this year accused by his former maid, a one Kisakyamukama, of neglecting a child he had sired with her.

When the matter went public, sources reveal that Ssematimba dragged the maid to court and later took over possession of the kid following a scandalous child custody battle.

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