Deputy Speaker Oulanyah’s Ex-Wife  Gets Engaged

Deputy Speaker Oulanyah’s Ex-Wife  Gets Engaged

By Mable Nakibuuka



The new year has started on a good note for Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s ex-wife Winnie Okot aka Lady Winnie Amoo Okot, who has started 2021 by getting engaged to her new lover.

Okot, who fell out with Oulanyah, with whom she has two kids, before she  estranged herself to the USA, has been seeing  her yet to be identified fiancé for several months, according to our Moles, until he popped  the big question.

As if to prove to the whole world that she has since decided to surrender herself and body to a new man, Okot cherishingly shared a snap of her engagement ring on social media, sparking off hundreds of congratulatory messages from many of her followers.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulalanyah and ex-wife on their wedding day

Oluanyah and Okot, whom he had snatched from a Uganda medical doctor based in the United Kingdom before marrying her, made  headlines a few years back after they involved in a bitter divorce battle.

The main reason Oulanyah gave in court as to why he wanted their marriage annulled was because Okot had subjected him to severe sexual starvation and made it very difficult for the Deputy Speaker to consummate their marriage.

Lady Winne Amoo Okot paraded her engagement ring on January 1st, 2021

On the other hand, Okot told court that Oulanyah had made it very difficult for her to love him because he seemed to be so emotionally attached to the memory and soul of his departed wife that she couldn’t stomach it anymore, reason why she decided to estrange herself.

After listening to both sides and reaching the conclusion that their marriage was irreparable, court allowed them a divorce in 2016, although Okot was granted custody of their children and Oulanyah tasked to provide child support.

Watch this space for details!

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