Deputy Speaker Oulanyah’s Ex-Wife Surrenders Kids To New Mzungu Lover After Couple Gets Officially Engaged

Deputy Speaker Oulanyah’s Ex-Wife Surrenders Kids To New Mzungu Lover After Couple Gets Officially Engaged

By Mable Nakibuuka

As you read this, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is a very sad man, after his ex-wife Winnie Amoo Okot aka Lady Winnie, decided to surrender their two daughters to her new Mzungu lover.

Our Moles reveal that after Lady Winnie and her American lover identified as Derek Allison got engaged recently, she decided to officially endorse him as the father of her children, the ones she has already and those they are to have together in future.

Allison has since started playing the fatherly role for Oulanyah’s daughters according to Moles, often driving them to and or picking them from school, catering for their well-being and doing all the other things a dutiful father does.

We have learnt that Lady Winnie decided to entrust Allison with her two daughters after he proved to her that he is ready to start up a family with her and that he is father material.

Lady Winnie with her lover Derek Allison and Oulanyah’s daughter in USA

Pals reveal that shortly after their engagement recently, Lady  Winnie assured all and sundry about their relationship’s progress after she posted pictures of them together on the night  they got engaged, which she followed with the caption; “Got down  on one knee and said; “Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?” I said Yeeeeeeeeessss. God’s timing is the best!”

Moles intimate that following their romantic but private engagement do, the couple is planning to hold a massive wedding some time later this year, such that they can cement their relationship with holy matrimony.

Lady Winnie and new lover Derek Allison during their happy moments

Lady Winnie, who is based in California, USA, separated with Oulanyah in 2016 following a lengthy divorce battle  that arose after he accused her of subjecting him to a lengthy spell of sexual starvation, after she had estranged herself to America, leaving  him to coil alone in their marital bed at night.

After the High Court Family Division in Nakawa annulled their marriage, Lady Winnie was granted child custody by court and Oulanyah was directed to pay monthly child support of  over USD600, although it is not yet clear whether he has ever seen the kids again since then.

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