Desire Luzinda, Levixone Enjoy PDA At Mbeera Concert

Desire Luzinda, Levixone Enjoy PDA At Mbeera Concert

By Ivan Mwine

US-based songbird Desire Luzinda raised eyebrows after she engaged in Public Display of Affection (PDA) with lover gospel singer Sam Lucas Lubyogo aka Levixone, during his Mbeera The Genesis Concert, which was held at Kololo Airstrip on Saturday.

Moles who were at the event that filled to capacity reveal that Levixone and Desire left everyone in awe and envying them as they hugged and cuddled on stage.
Levixone’s concert was a huge success

It should be noted that had earlier on reported that Desire would fly in from the United States of America to attend the concert and our Moles were on point, because she dropped in just as we had reported.

All in all, Levixone’s maiden concert was a huge success, thanks to the throng of fans that attended and Desire’s presence was the icing on the sugar, because hundreds of her fans had for a long time been yearning to watch her perform live.

Desire Luzinda performing at Levixone’s concert

Desire, who made headlines few years back after her nudes were leaked in the media by her former Nigerian boyfriend, touched the hearts of many ever since she abandoned secular music and joined the gospel music realm after getting saved.

Despite having been involved in various relationships with a number of men that did end well, Desire is said to have finally found her missing rib in Levixone and although they live thousands of miles  apart, the two are said to be deeply and madly in love with each other.

It should however be noted that although word on the grapevine is that they are deeply involved in each other and that they held a private engagement ceremony a few months ago, Desire and Levixone are yet to come out and go public about their relationship.

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