Diaspora Ugandans Add Bebe Cool, Kusasira, Mayinja  And Others On Boycott List

Diaspora Ugandans Add Bebe Cool, Kusasira, Mayinja  And Others On Boycott List

By Ivan Mwine

The list of musicians that Ugandans in the diaspora have vowed to boycott because they performed at Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday bash has since grown as you read this.

Yesterday we revealed on this website how Ugandans in the diaspora had vowed to boycott singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone’s music, faulting him for siding with the ruling National Resistance Movement   and performing at Muhoozi’s birthday bash.


Well, the latest we have is that other musicians have been added on the boycott list and these include; Moses Ssali  aka Bebe Cool, Ronald Mayinja, Catherine Kusasira, Sheebah Karungi, Cindy Sanyu, Daddy Andre among others.

A poster shared on social media about the Boycott

It should however be noted that this so-called boycott was announced by Ugandans in the diaspora, which means that the above artistes can still stage shows in Uganda where the boycott for their music hasn’t been announced yet.

Boycotting musicians who subscribe to the ruling NRM party started in 2016 after a group of artistes released a song titled ‘Tubonga Nawe’, which was used by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and NRM  candidates at the official campaign song.

However, many Ugandans faulted the musicians for allegedly ‘betraying’ them by being in cahoots  with the government and hence announced a boycott of all the musicians who were part of the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project.

Although some musicians like King Saha and others were forgiven by the masses after they publicly apologized many like Bebe Cool, Big Eye, Phina Masanyalaze and others   were never forgiven.

The fans instead resorted to pelting them with bottles and stones whenever they tried to perform on stage; as Big Eye, he has a story to tell.

But it’s not only Big Eye who tasted the wrath of the masses; the last time Bebe Cool performed at concerts in Uganda  he was embarrassed after fans hurled bottles and other objects at him.


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