DJ Karo Trolled For Snatching UBC TV’s Cedric Babu From Baby Mama

DJ Karo Trolled For Snatching UBC TV’s Cedric Babu From Baby Mama

 By Mable Nakibuuka

Popular Kampala disc spinner Carol Kisukye aka DJ Karo, who is currently living as man and wife with Kampala Lord Mayoral aspirant Cedric Babu Ndilima, might be cursing herself for posting pictures of her with Babu, in which she wished him a happy birthday.

DJ Karo posted the pictures with the message; “Happy birthday @CedricNdilima  my hubby, best friend, biggest fan, soulmate. You deserve every good thing that comes ur way. Here’s to you (Clinking glasses) ur brilliance, ur kindness, ur strength & ur remarkable greatness. I wish you never ending happiness, favor,  joy & peace of mind.”
Cedric Babu’s lover Carol Kisukye aka DJ Karo was trolled for wishing him a happy birthday

However, the moment people saw the pictures on twitter, many started trolling her while others made it expressly clear that she had snatched Babu from his baby mama.

The topic has since attracted a lot of interest, with some people arguing in favour of DJ Karo while others are blasting her for allegedly having snatched Babu from his wife.

Later, people on twitter started the #SnatchThatMan challenge

Someone who goes by the twitter handle I Hate Uber retweeted DJ Karo’s tweet with the words; “You snatched this man from a woman. He was married…Soulmate? And you actually changed your Twitter name? Wabula Musesa. Mstcheeeeewww!”

Many of DJ Karo’s frienemies later created the twitter challenge dubbed #SnatchThatMan, which has since gone viral!

What some Tweeps had to say about Cedric Babu and DJ Karo’s relationship

It should be noted that prior to hooking up with  DJ Karo, Babu was living in America with his wife Allison Gallagher and three of their children.

However, it is said that ever since he returned to Uganda, Babu   has never reunited with his family and left Allison severely starving for love and kids yearning for attention.

A few years back Allison came out and accused DJ Karo of having allegedly destroyed her marriage and family with Babu when she snatched him, allegations the disc spinner denied.

Moles intimate that during the time Babu and DJ Karo hooked up, he was still in a relationship with the wife and mother of his three children.

Allison tried to save her marriage in vain  and gave up all hopes after  Babu traveled to Karo’s mother’s home in Naguru, Kampala, for a formal visitation (Kukyala) last year and couple later held a traditional marriage ceremony known as Kuhingira, which accords them the respect of being man and wife.

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