DJs Slick Stuart & Roger Clash With Chameleone Over Song

DJs Slick Stuart & Roger Clash With Chameleone Over Song


By Exposed Uganda


There is secret beef raging on involving singer and Kampala Lord mayor aspirant Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone and the dynamic duo City DJs Slick Stuart and Roger over a new song.

We have learnt that DJs Slick Stuart Kavuma and his working partner Roger Kitaka teamed up alongside their manager to compile an album.

They approached top artistes with offers to feature on their album. Among the artistes they approached was Chameleone, with whom they did a collabo titled ‘Kiggwa Leero’.

It is said however that the two DJs never appreciated the song because it was not so good compared to the two songs they worked on with King Saha. With that feeling, they didn’t bother to promote it.

However, Chameleone decided to promote the song wherever he had links and connections especially among other DJs and on some airwaves.

It is reported after realizing that people had started liking the song, Chameleone decided to upload it on his social media platforms including YouTube and it got registered on his name.

Sources say that when the DJs learnt about the development, they fumed badly but it was too late to revert the development.

We hear now the two DJs want Chameleone to pay them royalties for the song so that they exclude it from their album.

However, the legendary music star is not bothered with their threats and he is not planning to give them any coin.

We have learnt that they were planning to do a video for the song but everything has since changed from the original arrangements.

Meanwhile, they don’t have kind words for him after faulting him for breaching their contract.

It is now clear that they can’t have copyrights for the song on any YouTube channel yet they also fear to try any legal redress with the singer.

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