Don Nasser Grassing, Choking On High Fuel Prices

Don Nasser Grassing, Choking On High Fuel Prices

By Ivan Mwine

There is an old adage which says that the rich also cry and in Uganda today, many rich people are crying oof skyrocketing fuel prices.

The latest so-called person to feel the pinch of high fuel prices is socialite Isaac Nduhukire aka Don Nasser, who seems to be struggling to fuel his cars.

Moles reveal that Don Nasser was smoked out on Thursday stranded along the roadside somewhere in Kampala after his Rolls Royce ran out of fuel.

Don Nasser posing besides his Rolls Royce some time back before fuel prices hit hard

The Moles who spotted Don Nasser looking so perplexed intimate that after sitting idle in his car for some time, he later flagged down a boda-boda rider whom he sent to a nearby fuel station with a jerrycan for petrol.

Later when the boda-boda guy brought the fuel in a jerrycan, Don Nasser, with the help of his minders, quickly poured it into the ride before he cruised off.

A few weeks ago, we revealed how Don Nasser was choking on debts and that city moneylenders had seized some of his cars.

However, although he managed to clear some of the debts and recovered the Rolls Royce, it seems fueling the monster guzzler has since become a problem for him, reason why he seems to be choking on fuel prices.

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