Don Nasser’s Range Rover Confiscated Too, Moneylenders Now Eye His Mansion

Don Nasser’s Range Rover Confiscated Too, Moneylenders Now Eye His Mansion

By Ivan Mwine

Things are not good at all for flashy socialite   Nasser Nduhukire aka Don Nasser, who was some time back boasting of having a fleet of expensive cars was had made himself a name for splashing money in Kampala bars.

We revealed on this website a few days ago how Don Nasser’s prized Rolls Royce had been seized by a city moneylender only identified as Hajji Abbasi after the socialite failed to pay a loan off Shs300 which he had borrowed from him.
Don Nasser looking very worried

Well, the latest from our Moles is that after the Rolls Royce being attached, another moneylender whom Nasser owes money also attached his sleek Range Rover Vogue which has private registration number plates ‘NASSER 2’.

We are told the Range Rover was attached after Nasser failed to clear another loan  yet Hajji Abbasi  who  attached the Rolls Royce still demands him  more money which he hasn’t cleared yet.

Don Nasser seated in his Rolls Royce before it was attached

But as if that’s not enough, latest info coming in indicates that Nasser is so heavily indebted and as a result of failing to effectively handle his financial obligations, moneylenders are also plotting to attach his crib in Kira, such that they can auction it to recover their money.

Moles reveal that Nasser acquired most of the loans in 2018 when he was arrested over allegations of conning billions of shillings in gold scams.

It is said that he spent a lot of money on security operatives to  cover up his tracks from Interpol and paying lawyers to ensure   that his case file is expeditiously handled, which helped him get released from jail sooner than he had expected.

However, since then he had never fully cleared the moneylenders, which prompted them to start attaching some of his properties in a bid to auction them and recover their monies.  

Nasser was arrested in 2018 over allegations that he had fleeced over Shs5.5Bn from an American identified as Johnny Hill, to whom he had sold fake gold.

Don Nasser’s ex-lover Mastulah Mutaasa aka Marscey Barbie is slaying as he grasses

It is said that Johnny Hill flew to Uganda in with Interpol officials in a bid to recover part of the money he lost in the 75Kg gold deal worth billions, after Nasser had failed to deliver on his promise.

The 75Kg of raw gold was valued at USD 1.5m approximately Shs5.5billion  then,  but matters worsened for Nasser after another complainant, a businesswoman based in Dubai, accused him of having allegedly fleeced $5Million (about Shs18billion), which he also had to refund.

Prior to being arrested, Nasser had hooked up with Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastulah Mutaasa aka Marscey Barbie, after she had fallen out with her Mzungu lover whom she met while in the US.

During the time they were dating, Nasser is said to have paid up to USD 80,000 for Mastulah’s  booty surgery, which helped her acquire the bootylicious figure she has nowadays, although she never hesitated to dump on realizing that his wallet was running dry.

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