Dr. Besigye Son Anselm Raises Eyebrows With Girlie-Girlie Lifestyle  As He Becomes ‘Slay Queen’

Dr. Besigye Son Anselm Raises Eyebrows With Girlie-Girlie Lifestyle  As He Becomes ‘Slay Queen’

By Ivan Mwine

Anselm Kizza Besigye, the son of top opposition leader (Rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye and Winnie Byanyima, the Chief Executive Director UNAIDS, is raising eyebrows  because of his rather strange feminine lifestyle.

It should be noted that Anselm, who spends most of his time in America,  grew up as masculine, straight headed boy, whom even some Ugandans expected to be First Son.

Dr. Kizza Besigye with son Anselm Besigye on his graduation day

However, after living  and studying in America for several years he started slowly becoming effeminized.

Moles reveal even his dress code whereby instead of wearing masculine clothes Anselm these days dresses up like a slay queen.

Anselm wears makeup like women

What’s even most interesting according to concerned Ugandans is that Anselm’s parents seem to be very okay with his girlie-girlie lifestyle, reason why they have over time watched as gets effeminised.

Anselm is increasingly becoming effeminised

Going by his dress code, hairdo, recent photos of Anselm depict him as a person who is not okay with his male gender, reason why he tends towards being a girlie-girlie lad.

Concerned Ugandans, especially those who had lots of hopes in Besigye, reveal that Anselm not only dresses and behaves like a woman but also wears makeup, eyelashes and rolls eyes when speaking like a real slay queen.

Anselm’s father Besigye is a top opposition figure in Uganda, one of the stalwarts of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and a multiple presidential contender who wanted to oust President Yoweri Kaguta Musveni.





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